Exploring The Fault Line: Fracture Valorant Map Preview

Posted by George Wong on September 3, 2021

It won't be long until Valorant Episode 3 Act II releases and along with it the game's latest map, Fracture. Expanding on the lore of the "mirrorverse" of the game, Fracture features a unique design where the Defenders spawn in the middle of the map, flanked by Attackers on both sides. Here's what the complete map looks like:

Visually, the map is breathtaking. I love how distinct the two halves are - one side is filled with lush green and concrete, while the other is deserted, warm and sandy. The fact that you can see the exact point where the two sides differ is a nice touch, it's like being transported from one world to another.

Littered around the map are hidden interactable objects (only during the Buy phase, presumably not to disrupt gameplay) that drop hints about the game when activated. Here are the ones I've discovered though I'm sure there's more to be found:

If you need to get from one end of the Attacker spawn to the other side, there's a zipline that allows you to get there quickly. You can't hop off midway (which would probably lead to some spectacular deaths) but it can still be used for some tactical escapes - just make sure you don't get shot while zipping away!

There are a couple of ropes to help you reach higher rooms (you can jump down without taking damage).

The most important areas of the map: the Spike planting sites. There are many ways to approach Site A/B and Defenders and Attackers will have to be wary of their opponents approaching from all the various angles.

At this time of writing, I couldn't get a public match on the map so this is based on speculation, but Fracture seems to be trickier for Defenders to protect the sites. They will need to be more aggressive from the get go in order to scout out the Attackers since the sites are on opposite ends of the map. This means that Defenders will have to make a decision to split up or move to a single site as a unit if they want to catch the Attackers early. This introduces a new dynamic to the Defender playstyle/approach in Valorant, which should be a nice change of pace.

Fracture will be available to all players with the Act 3 Episode II update, 8 September.

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