"I think Soloz and Fredo should come back to the ML competitive scene!" RSG MY Leixia Interview

Posted by George Wong on Jun 5, 2021

Sporting a brand-new haircut, Leixia from RSG MY, winner of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia Season 7 (MPL-MY S7) took some time off between training for the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2021 to answer some questions about his team and their performance.

Before the grand final match, did you think Todak was going to beat Suhaz EVOS, or were you expecting to meet Todak for a rematch?

Leixia: We expected to meet Todak because they are more experienced in the game, and as you know, Todak is the best team in Malaysia.

Was the team confident that they were going to win the tournament at the start of the day?

Leixia: Yah, we were confident because we had the upper bracket advantage and the team was ready to fight whoever made it to the final.

From Game 4 onwards - Todak seemed to be very sloppy, making a lot of bad moves and unfavourable trades. Did you think losing the first two games and extending the series played a factor in your victory? Based on their gameplay did you think they were exhausted/drained?

Leixia: Perhaps they were mentally exhausted but we were already prepared to counter their playstyles, so we feel it wasn’t that big of a factor.

Zaraki, Logan, and Syno didn’t play in the playoffs or grand finals - was there a reason behind this decision?

Leixia: They wanted to play, but they decided to give the opportunity to the newer guys on the team. They also had a more suitable playstyle for the matches we were going to play.

How does the team make the decision of who gets to play or not?

Leixia: It is based on scrims and gameplay style. Syno has his own gameplay style and so does Kaizer, so based on our scrims, we change up our players for different game plans against different opponents.

What is Rush’s role in the team? Did he not want to play?

Leixia: Rush provides a lot of moral support from the outside, he analyzes the game and also coaches the team. He is important to the team. Rush didn’t want to play in the team. He still wants to play the game but only for fun.

Does Rush handle the drafting as well?

Leixia: Yes, he handles the drafting because he knows the players very well.

Is Rush very flexible when it comes to drafting? Or does he make all the final decisions?

Leixia: Basically, he’ll make his decision first to counter the enemy heroes. But sometimes he’ll give us two options for a pick to get our opinions.


MSC 2021 is starting next week - are you guys already training hard for the tournament or taking a break because MPL just ended?

Leixia: We aren’t taking a break because we want to go all out to make sure that our gameplay is on point for MSC. I’ll take a break after that.

How do you feel about the other regions’ playstyles? What are the main differences between each region and Malaysia?

Leixia: Malaysia and other regions have their own gameplay style, we can’t predict which draft and meta will be different from us.

Do you think RSG MY and Todak will do well in the tournament? Do you like your group? (they will be going against RSG SG in the same group)

Leixia: We'll take on any opponent presented to us. It’s going to be like a civil war!

Do the veterans of the team feel this victory is a new lease on life for their esports careers? Which other ‘old’ players would they love to see returning to the competitive scene?

Leixia: They would like to remain in the competitive scene, but due to life commitments and their skill level compared to newer players, it makes it hard to do so. They feel like the newer younger players have much better skills, but they would definitely like to continue playing as long as they can. As for retired players, I think Soloz and Fredo should come back to the ML competitive scene!

What is the team going to do with the MPL-MY prize money?

Leixia: We’re going to give to our family first, and the rest we’ll keep for the future.

Lastly, anything to say to the fans?

Leixia: I would like to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart. The ones who supported us from nothing to something and never gave up on us. Thank you for the positive comments that have helped us to move on further and hope you guys keep supporting us to the end. RSG is love!

RSG MY and Todak will be representing Malaysia at MSC 2021 next week, be sure to catch all the action live on eGG Network TV from 7-13 June. You can also watch the matches on Facebook and YouTube. Follow eGG Network for more news and updates on the tournament!

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