SEM9 Free Fire: Down But Never Out in FFMC 2021

Posted by Terng Terng on Julai 24, 2021

SEM9 may be a new name in the Malaysian Free Fire esports scene, but their players are far from rookies. Boasting two years of experience in the field, the roster of SEM9 actually comprises the former soldier boys of AutoKnockout, the runner-ups of Free Fire MCP Majors Season 1 (Malaysia, Cambodia, and Philippines).

Right now, they’re competing in the Free Fire Malaysia Championship 2021 against other top Malaysian Free Fire teams, including their former organisation. However, there’s more than meets the eye behind the scenes.

Mohd Ridhwan "Mr. D" bin Kadar @ Kadir - Flanker
Muhd Faris "ZennOP" Bin Mohd Sharol - Rusher
Muhd Aiman Hariz "Shuraa" Bin Idris - Support
Muhammad Azman "NEWB" Bin Buyung -Fragger
Muhammad Fahmi Iskandar "Mirull" Bin Suhaizan - Support/Rusher

“We are rivals in-game, but outside of it, we are actually friends,” said captain Mohd. Ridhwan “Mr. D” Kadir, who doubles as an extremely popular Facebook Gaming Creator under the name D Entertainment. Despite the exit of Mr. D and his teammates, AutoKnockout 2.0 have proven to remain worthy adversaries to them and other competitors, conquering FFMC 2021 League Stage. Then again, SEM9 - with new player xNEWB on board - are close behind in second place with a mere six-point difference, so it’s going to be a tight competition in the Grand Finals.

Mr. D and his squad performed substantially well over the course of their Free Fire esports career, so it’s unsurprising that they were contacted by current SEM9 team manager and SEAGM (an international digital online game store) representative, Bryan Wong, for the opportunity to collaborate.

“We find that our goals are aligned and decide to join forces and chase our dreams together,” Bryan shared. “Everyone in the team is willing to go beyond their limits to win. They trained very hard for this, so I’m glad that the boys are finally getting the attention they deserve.”

There are currently two teams wearing the SEM9 badge, with the other team competing in League of Legends: Wild Rift esports, a little different from other organisations who usually start with PUBG Mobile or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams. Turns out it’s by chance that they’ve found these players, who are exceptionally driven and motivated in their respective games. “SEM9 haven’t found the right candidates for PUBG Mobile or MLBB yet, so if anyone is interested in joining us, feel free to message us on Facebook!”

But hey, we’re all about SEM9 Free Fire right now, especially when the FFMC 2021 Grand Finals is just around the corner. Mr. D expressed on behalf of his team the frustration they feel settling for second again in the League Stage, especially when the same scenario happened in MCP Majors Season 1, costing them a seat in the international Free Fire World Series 2021 in Singapore. “We just have to keep looking forward to the future. Besides, now that we’re under SEM9 with a new lineup, we’re more motivated than ever to score the championship title in the Grand Finals.”

Aside from league leaders AutoKnockout, another team that SEM9 has admiration for are Blacklist International. Despite missing a key member who couldn’t compete because he’s underage, “they are still a strong team that we can’t ignore. What we learned from them is that teamwork and team chemistry is one of the keys to winning.” 

SEM9 have been making full use of the two-week break after the FFMC 2021 League Stage to prepare for the Grand Finals. From studying the competition’s meta and their enemies’ rotation, you can bet your butt that SEM9 will be pulling out all the stops to dominate the Finals. Mr. D warned the opposing teams, “Don’t even think of entering the centre of the zone, because we’ll already be there waiting to end your career.”

Catch SEM9 in the Grand Finals of FFMC 2021, held 31 July at 1PM (GMT +8) LIVE on eGG Network TV, as well as Garena Free Fire Facebook and YouTube.

Don’t forget to follow SEM9 Free Fire on Facebook for more information on the team.

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