LoL Invades PUBG Mobile With Arcane Collab!

Posted by George Wong on November 3, 2021

PUBG MOBILE Publishing has just teased the hottest crossover we've had since PUBG Mobile x Baby Shark last week. If you thought that announcement was wild, wait until you see what they announced today: PUBG Mobile x Arcane! Looks like Riot's promotion for the animated series knows no bounds. On second thought, knowing that Tencent has a stake in both companies, the collaboration makes a lot of sense, but it was never something that we thought we'd see happen in this lifetime, especially with how wildly different both games are.

There's not much to go on at the moment besides the very exciting teaser image but the announcement mentions that they will be bringing "characters, items and locations from its upcoming series, Arcane" and "new game areas and gameplay modes inspired by Arcane to the world of PUBG MOBILE." The content will be part of the version 1.7 update that is slated for release in mid-November (16th according to the poster). From what we can see, there's going to be Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn and Jayce, Piltover-looking architecture, and hex crystals. We can only imagine what kind of gameplay it's going to entail, but the idea of a PUBG Mobile MOBA sounds great!

Who knows, maybe this will be the first of many collaborations between the two developers to come. Perhaps we'll get PUBG Mobile x Valorant in the future? What do you guys hope to see? Stay tuned to eGG Network and we'll keep you posted!

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