Beberapa minggu lalu, para eGGlets disajikan dengan perlawanan MLBB, PUBG Mobile dan Valorant yang mendebarkan bagi meraikan sambutan ulang tahun ke-5 eGG Network.

Kerana sokongan luarbiasa anda, eGG Network melakukan sesuatu yang istimewa bagi mengakhiri sambutan ini dengan menganjurkan Perlawanan Amal Rocket League All Star.

Ya, buat pertama kalinya, anda akan dapat melihat ramai Pencipta Permainan Facebook kegemaran anda memandu kereta dan merebut bola gergasi di stadium.

Ia akan menjadi kejohanan 4v4, di mana pasukan pertama dengan lima kemenangan akan dinobatkan sebagai juara.

Semasa acara itu, semua kutipan 'Star-tipping' daripada aliran itu akan disumbangkan kepada Rumah Kanak-Kanak (RKK) Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Sebuah institusi yang dipilih dengan teliti yang menjaga dan melindungi kanak-kanak mempunyai latar belakang bermasalah.

MSI, penaja kejohanan dengan murah hati akan menambah RM 10,000 bintang. Sebagai bonus kepada penonton, kami juga akan memberikan hadiah bernilai RM6,500 sepanjang hari.

Apa yang anda perlu lakukan ialah 'like' siaran Facebook (yang disiarkan secara langsung pada 17 November, 10 pagi), isi borang pendaftaran yang dipautkan dalam siaran, tinggalkan komen 'tag' KOL yang menyertai kejohanan dan tag 3 daripada rakan anda. Ikuti strim langsung untuk melihat pengumuman pemenang - semudah itu saja!

Hadiah Giveaway

KOL yang mengambil bahagian

Pasukan Jingga

Pasukan Biru

Kejohanan ini akan dihoskan oleh Qontra dan Spartanker, dua wajah yang sangat dikenali jika anda telah mengikuti senario esport Malaysia, jadi anda tahu ianya pasti meriah dan gempak!

Tidak kira sama ada anda pemain Rocket League atau tidak, kami menjamin ia sangat menyeronokkan! Jadi jom lepak dengan kami di Facebook pada 20 November, 12-3 PM.

Kejohanan Amal All-Star Liga Roket Ulang Tahun eGG ditaja oleh MSI Malaysia, syarikat di sebalik GE66 Raider - komputer riba permainan nipis tanpa kompromi. Dikuasakan oleh Pemproses Intel® Core™ Generasi ke-11, GeForce RTX™ 3080 dan paparan QHD 240Hz, ia adalah semua yang anda inginkan dalam pada gadget permainan mudah alih dan banyak lagi.

Wild Rift: Horizon Cup

The best Wild Rift teams in the world are gathered in Singapore this weekend to kick off the Horizon Cup. Which team or region will be number one? Only one way to find out. All you need to know.

Date and Times:

Where to Watch:


Arcane continues this weekend with Act Two. Don't forget to join our Nixie Device giveaway!

Date and Time:

Where to Watch: Netflix.

BTS Pro Series Season 9 - SEA and Americas

This weekend, the BTS Pro Series Season 9 for SEA and Americas will come to a conclusion. It's not The International, but definitely worth watching to tide you over until the next DPC season begins. More info.

Date and Time: 12-14 November, 5 PM (SEA), 7 AM (AM)

Where to Watch: Twitch

All dates and times are in GMT +8

Disclaimer: We were provided with a copy of the game and had no obligation to write a review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are the author’s own and not influenced by Activision, and/or its affiliates, in any way.

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to check out the latest instalment in the Call of Duty franchise, Vanguard, and after finishing the single-player campaign, here are my thoughts on the game. Firstly, I have to give credit to Sledgehammer Games for optimizing the game - on my desktop, which struggles to play CoD: Warzone at a decent frame rate, I could run Vanguard perfectly. Sure, it was on performance mode at 1080p, but it looked and ran a lot better than the CoD battle royale. I was able to finish the whole game with no issues or slowdown in performance. It was that well optimized.

Now onto the game itself - it's been a while since I last played a CoD campaign (if I'm not mistaken it was probably the 2010 Black Ops or older) so it felt refreshing to jump into a story-driven shooter again. The story kicks off right in the thick of things - hijack a train that is on its way to Hamburg to steal some files. As usual, things quickly escalate and you find yourself embroiled in a plan to put an end to the Third Reich. I won't spoil the rest of the story, but let's just say it's nothing out of the ordinary regarding World War 2 and Nazis.

Throughout the campaign, you'll get to play backstory/introductory missions as each of the characters, which eventually cumulates into the present day where you use everything you've learnt to complete the final task. As Arthur Kingsley, the British leader of the group, you get to play a typical FPS with a special ability to command your allies to attack designated hotspots. Wade Jackson, the American pilot, you get to fly a plane and a special detection mode that slows enemies down and shows their outline wherever they are. Polina Petrova, the Russian sharpshooter, is great with a sniper rifle and has the ability to move quickly while crouched. Lastly, as Lucas Riggs, the Australian demolitions expert - you get to blow up a lot of things.

I'm no history buff so I can't tell you how accurate the various battles and locations were - but seeing how Vanguard is a game and not an army simulator, it shouldn't be of much concern. With the unique gameplay elements of each character and mission, the game felt fresh from start to end without overstaying its welcome. I played the game on Regular difficulty and felt it was challenging enough - most of the game was a breeze but there were sections I had to replay quite a few times before figuring out what to do.

The worst part of the game was the plane mission. I don't know if this was intended to convey how difficult it was to fly and shoot at the same time, or me being terrible with plane controls, but it was the only mission where I felt glad when it was finally over. The rest of the campaign was typical CoD: shoot enemies, run to cover, collect ammo/weapons, rinse and repeat. The only difference is how you accomplish those tasks. Not complaining here - people expecting a CoD game won't be let down.

The final mission was a fun and short excursion which ended a bit too soon (it also wraps up in the most convenient way possible) but I guess it's a good way to introduce people to multiplayer before they can get burnt out by the game. I tried a single match of Free For All multiplayer and was quickly reminded why I stopped playing multiplayer shooters in the first place - I don't have the reflexes that I used to for these kinds of games. Overall, CoD: Vanguard was a decent way to spend six and a half hours of my weekend.

In conclusion, CoD: Vanguard's single-player campaign is nothing groundbreaking in terms of its story or mechanics, but it is an entertaining ride. Treat it like an introduction to the multiplayer component of the game - where I believe most CoD players will be spending their time. Based on the official road map, there's tons more content to come so this can be a game that you play for a whole year. Props to Sledgehammer for the graphical optimization - hopefully, we can see that tech carried over to Warzone one day.

How many people do you know would give up a career travelling across the world for something as mundane as sitting in a room to play video games all day? Few, seeing how exciting life in the air and in other countries can be, especially during a time where we’re all chained to our homes thanks to the pandemic. Li Shun Yang or better known as ShunYeungHD to his fans is one such person. In fact, the Hongkonger quit his day job as a flight attendant many years ago because he didn’t have enough time to focus on streaming!

Starting out as an unknown streamer about six years ago, he grew from playing ARK: Survival Evolved for minute crowds to him soiling his pants running from ghosts and demons for his legion of fans. If that sounds familiar to you because of a particular Swedish YouTuber that we all know, you’re not wrong.

“One of the major people I looked up to was PewDiePie, he’s the reason I got into streaming,” Shun Yang reflected. When he found his audience growing after streaming spooky titles, amongst other things, he decided that would be his new path. What began as a pastime turned into an opportunity to make a living, it was a happy accident. Fortunately, for him and his fans - if he wasn’t working as a streamer, he’d likely be a government servant for the immigration department (a job he had rejected after becoming a full-time streamer).

But, it hasn’t been a completely smooth journey for him. For one, he’s streaming without the encouragement of his family. Despite them tuning into his streams occasionally, they haven’t given him their full blessing to pursue this career. The best he can do for now is build his own success in hopes of changing their minds.

Though the sports buff (who enjoys gymming, swimming and travelling) didn’t find it difficult to be in front of the camera, he found it even more awkward to have it on while nobody was watching. Having little to no audience was one of the biggest challenges ShunYeungHD had to overcome when he was a fledgeling but fortuitously, he had friends to rely on. By making appearances on the streams of popular content creators like Songsen, Laowu, JP and Lunacy Hollow, he was able to tap into their fanbase to grow his own audience.

Making content relevant to your audience is important, especially when you’re still growing. And putting out the right content at the right time can give you a boost in traffic. ShunYeungHD is notable for having a lot of Malaysian fans, despite not being one himself, due to his series of vlogs during his time in the country. It also helped that the crossover audiences from his friends’ streams were Malaysian. Another thing he had to do was learn to edit his own videos.

“Having VODs or highlights on your channel are important for growth. I had to learn how to edit videos by following online tutorials. It’s important to have all these basic skills first or you’ll be very lost when starting out,” said Shun Yang on advice for newcomers to streaming. “Competition is very tough right now, so let your personality shine to stand out.”

Just like every other popular streamer out there, ShunYeungHD has his fair share of haters. Despite what many people think, streamers do read what people write in chat, and sometimes the comments he receives bring him down. Regardless, he’s determined to not let it stop him from doing what he loves. Yet, he did mention, if he ever stops streaming one day, he wants to remain in the gaming industry - probably in the backend of esports.

ShunYeungHD, who is based in China and sometimes Hong Kong, relies on VPNs to stream on Facebook. When asked why he chose this approach despite the multitude of Chinese streaming platforms available, he replied that he found the audience on Facebook more challenging to engage, which gives him the motivation to do better. He’s also a fan of variety, preferring to create content for various games instead of only one, which explains the plethora of games he streams on his channel.

He may not be the biggest streamer yet, but if he keeps up his growth and working mindset, he’s bound to go places. To his supporters, he offers his gratitude and thanks to them for accompanying him on this journey so far, and to his fans in Malaysia - he promises he’ll drop by to visit once the pandemic is over.

Catch ShunYeungHD streaming live on Facebook or his VODs on YouTube. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more in-depth profiles of your favourite streamers!

Everyone's favourite gaming award show in Southeast Asia, the SEA Game Awards will be back for its fifth year this November. Organized by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, the SEA Game Awards 2021 is an event to commemorate all the best games made in this part of the world. Just like last year, there will be 10 different categories for the awards that will be bestowed to the winning entries.


Here are our panel of esteemed judges for this year’s submissions. Hailing from the game industry media, these experts from the region had the monumental task of picking the best of the 100+ entries we received. It was no easy feat.

Though this year's event will also be completely virtual (like 2020), it won't be any less exciting. With game entries from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, and Brunei, there's going to be the talent to match this multi-nation celebration. Yes, there will be special guests performing and hosting the awards ceremony. We can't reveal who they are yet, but stay tuned to eGG Network to keep in the know!

The SEA Game Awards 2021 will be broadcast on eGG Network TV, Facebook Page, and TikTok - 19 November, 8 PM.

Our Malaysian teams have been performing admirably in PMPL SEA Championship S4 so far, with all 4 of them heading into the grand finals this weekend. Regardless of whether they win the trophy or not, we're proud of everything they've accomplished and think they deserve some recognition for the hard work they've put in this season. PUBG MOBILE Esports, MDEC and eGG Network seem to think so as well, and have officially announced an awards show to commemorate the achivements of all the PUBG Mobile stars of the MY/SG League Season 4.

Called the Golden Bullet Award, the show will reward each winner in 9 different categories: Most Valuable Player, Best Support, Best Scouter, Best Ingame Leader, Best Fragger, Best Sniper, Best Performance Team, Best Duo Talent, and Rising Talent.

Here are the nominees for the awards:

Most Valuable PlayerGeekDamRUDE
Best Support4RivalsPEMBURU
Best ScouterGEEKQb
Best Ingame LeaderGEEKDamRUDE
Best FraggerGeekDamRUDE
Best SniperTSiSh0tzMX
Best Performance TeamTeam Secret
Geek Fam
Team SMG
Best Duo TalentJhunter & OTG
Emi & Soultann
Topcast & Kyrul
Qontra & Keith Lee
Chuchu & Sir Cloud
Rising TalentTash Bunny
Sis Jenny
Keith Lee
Top Cast

As you can tell, it's a mix of new and familiar faces, and we're celebrating more than just the players - the casters and analysts are in the running as well! If you'd like to ensure that your favourite nominees win their categories, head over to the official MYDCF website to sign up for the event and submit your votes (voting ends 12 November).

The Golden Bullet Award show will be part of the MYDCF, an virtual gaming exhibition that will feature all sorts of gaming-related content including demonstrations, tutorials, classes, showcases, tournaments and more. The final results will be unveiled during the official live stream on PUBG Mobile Malaysia Facebook/YouTube, and eGG Network TV (28 November, 5-6 PM GMT +8).

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