Marci Arrives in Dota 2 With Patch 7.30e

Posted by George Wong on October 29, 2021

What a great way to start off the Halloween weekend! If you saw the Marci trailer that was revealed during the international and have been waiting patiently for Dota's best girl to arrive - she's finally here. In a news update earlier today, Valve announced the release of the newest hero along with the latest balance patch for the game.


Labelled as "melee, support, carry, initiator, disabler and escape", Marci looks and feels just like her character in the Dota anime - silent and deadly with her fists. With a nice mix of damage, support and mobility, we can tell that she's going to be a lot of fun in pubs - at least until people master her kit and starts wrecking faces. Here's a good introduction to her from the folks at DotaCinema:

Official hero page.


There are way too many changes to list everything but here's a quick summary: tweaks to items in the game - slight nerfs to those in the meta (Falcon Blade, Helm of the Overlord, Satanic, Silver Edge) and buffs to underutilized items (cheaper Guardian Greaves, Heart of Tarrasque, Vladmir's Offering) On a side note, I think Mage Slayer is going to be eventually buffed into OP-territory one day. XP from small camps has also been reduced by 10% which slows down the early game for mid laners by a bit.

For the heroes, as expected - there are nerfs all around for the popular TI heroes (but nothing crippling) and slight buffs for underutilized ones. It doesn't look like there's anything game-breaking, but out of meta heroes might start to see an increase in pick rate. Then again, the first few weeks are going to be filled with Marci pickers. For the full list of changes, click here.

The Marci/7.30e update is available now, if you don't have Dota 2, it's free to play and available here. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates about the game!

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